Wawa The Rice Child

a marionette and so on performance Crescent Moon's experiments with marionette, music and playful sand drawings mix of shadow to tell a story of a girl named Wawa. Inspired by a Mekong folktale. There is a story about the friendship of the children descending from two different cultures.

Music composer : Pornchanok Kanchanabanca Technical director & Lighting designer : Tawit Keitprapai Story & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai Performed in BICT Fest
Venue : Bangkok Arts and Culture Center 2018


24hr Play Festival 2018

It’s playwrights lab.
It’s directors lab.
It’s actors lab.
It’s theatre makers lab.
It’s 24 hours of creativity and fun!
with 5 play writers + 5 directors + 24 actors

Facilitator : Orada Lelanuja
Producer : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Venue : come back again at Buffalo Bridge Gallery 2018


Mai Pen Rai Project 2017 : Winter story

Bangkok – Seoul performance exchange program Pantomime piece <Santa's busiest day> by 김준영 by Junyoung Kim Pantomime piece <Snow Grandma> by 이산 by San Lee Movement Performance <Dream a dream> by Siyeon Kim

Co-Ordinator : Ladda Kongdach
Technical director & lighting designer : Tawit Keitprapai
Producer : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Venue : Buffalo Bridge Gallery 2017


Wawa The Rice Child

a marionette and so on performance re-stage again for Silpakorn University

Venue : Songphol Teatre, Nakornpathom province 2017


Shade Borders (เงา-ร่าง)

Women Bodies Breasts Reflections of the bodies... memories from the journeys within

Movement Choreograph & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai Re-stage at Thammasat University 2017


Wawa The Rice Child

a marionette and so on performance Crescent Moon's experiments with marionette, music and playful sand drawings mix of shadow to tell a story of a girl named Wawa. Inspired by a Mekong folktale. There is a story about the friendship of the children descending from two different cultures.

Music composer : Pornchanok Kanchanabanca
Story & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Performed in PETA Festival of Windows (Philippines) Venue : Philippines Educational Theatre Association 2017


Shade Borders (Ngao-Rang)

Re-stage in Meet 2017 at Seoul Arts Mullae
This October
Womanly Bodies Experiences

Movement Choreograph & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai

“Openly spoke about their bodies – the parts they loved, the parts they had come to accept, the parts they disliked – and their internal selves. Together, they weaved a collective history the female emotional and physical experiences. In a society where there is little discussion about the body and boundaries, Ngao-Rang felt refreshing and necessary.”

(From Bangkok Post)


Immature : adult and childish sometimes

...Growing up is losing some illusions in order to acquire others...
Image.. words..  movement.. and private stories
A collaborative performance by Thanaphon Accawatanyu and Sineenadh Keitprapai who are from different age and background.  They are sharing their childhood, home, growing up, dream, old and personal stories.

Perform, Story & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai and Thanaphon Accawatanyu 
Venue : Crescent Moon Space


Being Paulina Salas and the practice

A play or not a play that plays with death and the maiden motif …
When actors, director and dramaturg do rehearsal ‘Death and the Maiden’ a play script by  Ariel Dorfman, a Chile playwright.  Sometimes they play, sometimes they talk, sometime they have nightmare and sometimes they recognize some truth and lie about the bloody October Massacre in 1976.  
In a memory of 40th Anniversary of October 6, 1976 Massacre
This project is performed in Nanaphan Arts Festival #9

Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Perform : Farida Jiraphan. Pasakorn Intoomarn, Saifah Tanthana, Sineenadh Keitprapai
Venue : Crescent Moon Space


Parallel [between the lines]

“I believe I have another me in another side of the Universe. Sometimes,
many times I wonder what another me do when she fall in the same situation.”
Parallel [between the lines] is a Solo Movement focusing on the working of body, puppet and feeling. Parallel [between the lines] was a part of the performance called “Dancing in the Lake” that was performed at QDA Studio in South Korea on August 26th – 27th, 2016 which was supported by Seoul Arts Space Mullae.

Perform & Direction :  Ladda Kongdach
Venue : Crescent Moon Space



Bangkok-Seoul International Exchange Program : BKK 2016
마이펜라이 프로젝트

Mai Pen Rai Project 2016
‘Mai Pen Rai Project’ is the art exchange program between Korean performing Artists and Crescent Moon Theatre that began last year. We aim to encourage each other to make possibility and enjoyable creations.
This time is our series 3
Back and Forth Movement ~ Puppet ~ Mime
7 Artists and 7 Performance in one night
• Sweeping Garden
Direct and Perform by Jeongsan Choi
• Listen
Direct and Perform by Yisol Hwang
• Beauty of Small Things
Direct and Perform by Sunok park
• Anywhere Here
Direct and Perform by Ladda Kongdach
Sound design by Maneerut Singhanart
• Ing ing
Direct and perform by Dongjo park
• The Man in a rush/ The Woman in a rush
Direct and Perform by Junyeong Kim
• A day
Direct and Perform by Haerang U
Venue : Pridi Banomyong Institute and Crescent Moon Space



Shade Borders

Women, Bodies, Breasts
“Reflections of the bodies… memories from the journeys within.”
Shade Borders is a movement performance in spired by contemporary art pieces by Pinaree Sanpitak, an internationally acclaimed female artist. Her work reflects the distinctiveness of female body and conveys meanings that are beyond gender boundary.
Shade Borders is developed from a devising theatre entitled “Breast Project”. It starts off as a journey from outer surface to inner emotions, turning images to movements that echo diverse memories and validating the existence of women and their bodies.
Our First Journey  
Premiered in 10 years of Silpathorn: Prestigious Thai artists celebrate anniversary with new performances, retrospective presented and supported by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture
At Chang Theatre
March, 2014
Second Journey 
Performed in Performative Art Festival #3
Organized and Supported by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
At Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
August, 2014
Third Journey 
Performed in Burapha Music and Performing Arts International Festival 2016
At Burapha University, Cholburi
Shade Borders received an award 'Best Performance by Ensemble' from IATC Thailand Dance and Theatre Review award 2014.

Movement Choreograph & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Perform : Sineenadh Keitprapai, Ladda Kongdach, Orada Lelanuja, Sukanya Pheansri




Mai Pen Rai Project 2015

Bangkok – Seoul International Exchange Program
Exchange Workshop by Crescent Moon Theatre and 9 Performing Artists from Seoul
And 6 showcase  
“Cyprinus parpio Princess”
By Dongjo Park
A bubble like love of a human and a Carp
“Unforgettable Love”
Directed by Minsun Park
Performed by Dongjo Park, Seul Lee, Sunok Park
By Siyeon Kim
physical performance based on GomGom, a poem about the founding myth of ancient Korea.
”Night Trip”
By Junyeong Kim, Jeongsan Choi, Hyungkyung Yang
In a very deep night, three people go into the forest. What are they looking for in the forest?
”Aging- Like the river flow”
By Sunok Park
“Fish contained in the basin”
By Soeun Kim
Solo performance that occurs in water boundary
Venue : Pridi Banomyong and Crescent Moon Space



I have Alice in Mind

junk humans animals objects
“somewhere out there where we’re still breathing”
Ecological performance with shadow, puppet and object about Alice and her friends in somewhere land which portray through Alice Syndrome. 

Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Perform : Ladda Kongdach, Natsarlisttar Wonenutprapha, Palita Sakulchaivanich, Ben Bussarakamwong, Sineenadh Keitprapai
Venue : Crescent Moon Space



Mai Pen Rai Project in Seoul 2015

Workshop and 3 Performances

solo performance by Ladda Kongdach

Rice Now
Choreograph  & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Perform :  Ladda Kongdach, Jirachaphong Roengchan, Sineenadh Keitprapai

I Sea  ChANge : solo performance
Perform, Choreograph  & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai

Venue : Seoul Arts Space Mulae and Studio QDA

Supported by Seoul Arts Space Mullae



The Bin Man

A Corroborative work by Pastel Theatre and Crescent Moon Theatre
"We will get rid of everything.  Until there is no more garbage in the land”

When the canals and rivers are contaminated by plastic bags. When the roads and streets are full pollution.  When the sidewalks are full of dust.  And when we can no longer live with all these "garbage.”  “They” must get up and sweep all the garbage away.

Direction : Ben Bussarakamwong
Playwright: Ratapong Pinyosophon
Perform : Orada Lelanuja, Athapol Anunthavorasakul, Kwin Bhichitkul, Ladapha Sophonkunkit,
Praphaphan Suthirawut, Ratapong Pinyosophon
Venue : Crescent Moon Space and Bangkok Theatre Festival 2015


I Sea Project : ChANge

solo performance
“the sea,
the bride,
the bodymind and the reflection of bright and gloom”
I Sea Project genuinely reflects and portrays the images of women in society through the bodily converse, including the projection and notion of self, perception, body and journey of the mind.
I Sea performed at Crescent Moon Space and Social Arts Festival 2011 : Silapananaphan #5 at Pridi Banomyong Institute.

Perform, Choreograph  & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Venue : Bangkok Theatre Festival 2015 at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre




B l a c k Party

Wordless Performance by 11 Theatre Artists and Film Artists
about Black and Pressure

Artists : Sasapin Siriwanij, Wichaya Artamat, Kwin Bhichitkul, Ladda Kongdach, Ben Bussarakhumvong, Teeraphan Ngowjeenanan, Ratapong Pinyosophon, Suphisara Kittikunarak, Vasu Wanlayangkul, Tamjaipom Pomtamjai, Sineenadh Keitprapai,

Conceived by Sineenadh Keitprapai
Venue : Pridi Banomyong Institute and Crescent Moon Space





A corroborative work by Theatre 8x8 and Crescent Moon Theatre
The two characters use the space in their own rooms to display their overlapping relationships, both physically and emotionally.  The show reflects the lives of modern people, the distance and the closeness of “people in the society” or even “people who are close to us”.  The performance is a combination of spoken dialogues, poetry, body movements, and the play with the space that allows the audience to be free to choose what they want to see under certain conditions. 

Perform, Story & Direction :  Nikorn Tang and Ben Busarakamwong
Venue : Crescent Moon Space & B Floor Room



In the Grey Room

We stand We sit We walk We feel
In the grey room
We laugh We cry We sigh We fall…
…into silence
…into yearning
…into loneliness
…into each other
In the grey room...

Direction : Sukanya Pheansri
Playwright: Orada Lelanuja
Perform : Orada Lelanuja, Athapol Anunthavorasakul,Saifa Tanthana
Venue : Crescent Moon Space



Rice Now

something about rice
something about people
something about all animal
and something about forgotten spirit
Rice Now is a movement-based and body expression performance that depicts the rice ritual and the life in the rice field to reflect the Thai rice nowadays.

Choregraph & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Perform : Sineenadh Keitprapai, Jirachaphong Roengjan, Sirithorn Siriwan, Ladda Kongdach, Palatt Sangkakorn, Pitchwat Chachwan
Venue : Art Street at Rajdumnern Contemporary Museum, Nanaphan Festival #7 at Pridi Banomyong Institute, Bangkok Theatre Festival 2013 at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre



The Ghost Cat

This new stage play from the Crescent Moon Theatre is based on Vinegar Tom, a play by British female playwright Caryl Churchil.  It is the story of the 17th century witch hunt in the form of Thai context with a country folk song musical about a black cat, women ghosts, and people in the village where a strange disease is spreading.

Adaptation & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Music : Tanachon Janroeng 
Choreograph : Lekneungz Apiwatpunyakul
Perform : Farida Jiraphan, Kriengkrai Fookasem, donruedee jamraschai, Jirachaphong Roengjan, Kavinthorn Sangsakorn, Ladda Kondach, Aroonroj Thomma, korjai ouiwatanapong,
Pichaya Maungsookhum
Venue : Pridi Banomyong Institute



LIKE Teeth & Tongue

When a couple turn breakable… sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter but we live together…
LIKE Teeth & Tongue is a duo movement performance by Sineenadh Keitprapai, an actor-director from Crescent Moon Theatre and Thogglur Thongtae, a mime actor from Baby Mime Company. This is the first time for both of them on stage to sharing the reflection of a couple relationship when the time goes but the space so ties.

Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Choreograph : Karin Baiphaisarn and Sineenadh Keitprapai
Perform :  Sineenadh Keitprapai and Thogglur Thongtae
Venue : Bangkok Theatre Festival 2013 Bacc




“fall” is a performance of body expression and movement telling the story and journey of two women under the gravity.Due to the hours of confusion, the moment might draw them down. Sometimes, it comes to the new change, exploration, question and confrontation for essential occurrance.
“Whispering though bodies … conversing with hearts”

Perform and Direction : Sukanya Pheansri and Sirithorn Siriwan
Venue : Crescent Moon Space



I Sea Project

“the sea, the bride, the body mind and the reflection of bright and gloom”
I Sea, the solo performance in the form of movement and body expression created by the two women artists of Crescent Moon Theatre – Farida Jiraphan and Sineenadh Keitprapai.
Both have been working on the project associating with women and femininity, together with the use of a unique style of body movement and expression they have been practicing for many years.
I Sea Project genuinely reflects and portrays the images of women in society through the bodily converse, including the projection and notion of self, perception, body and journey of the mind.


Perform, Choreograph and Direction : Farida Jiraphan


Perform, Choreograph and Direction :  Sineenadh Keitprapai

Motion Graphic : Wattanapum Laisuwanchai and Taechit Jiropaskosol

Venue : Crescent Moon Space and Pridi Banomyong Institute



The Rice Child

Crescent Moon’s experiments with music and songs, sand drawings, and a playful mix of shadow puppets – marionette and paper – to tell their story. Inspired by a Mekong folktale about bearing fruits from the same seed, theirs is a story about the friendship of two children, descended from two different cultures. Wawa comes from a minority group in Myanmar (Burma) and migrates to Thailand with her parents. Kao, just like the other Thai children, thinks that Wawa is different and joins the others in bullying her. But these children learn to know more about each other when they began to enjoy playing together. As they begin to see that they have more things in common, the relationship between Wawa and Kao evolved from discrimination to acceptance, from enmity to friendship, and from disunity to harmony.
This project is part of Mekong Creative Communities Arts for Advocacy Fellowship 2010

Story & Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Music : Pornchanok Kanchanabanca
Venue : Crescent Moon Space, Samutsakorn province, Phaeng Phutorn Park, Bangkok Theatre Festival 2010 and Performed in Mekong Youth Forum 2010




“In this charming collaboration between Crescent Moon Theatre and Kae Dam Dam Puppet Group, the world is transformed with the touch of a child's hands. Adapted from the French children's novel, Tistou les pouces verts, by Maurice Druon, this marionette and shadow puppet production is thoroughly delightful for both children and adults. Director and Sipathorn artist Sineenadh Keitprapai has been with the Crescent Moon from the time the company dealt heavily with political and social issues. Today Sineenadh, who's the current head of Crescent Moon, is actively providing space for new directors and writers. Although the works that the troupe has been supporting seem to lack real substance of late, this uplifting puppet production casts a new brighter light on the company. It's a far cry from what Crescent Moon once was, but its honesty and innocence are undeniably powerful and breathtaking.”
(from Bangkok Post / Newspaper section: Outlook / Published: 23/12/2009)

Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai
Marionette Design : Vasin Mitsuphun
Perform : Vasin Mitsuphun, Kavintron Sangsakron, Sarawanee Yodnoon, Chakriya Thinchana,
Chaiwat Khumdee, Kanonpat Intarasorn, Kamonpat  Intarasorn, Jirachaphong Roengjan
Venue : Pridi Banomyong Institute




A corroborate work by Crescent Moon Theatre, Bang Play and B Floor Theatre 
The play, with 4 cast including Sineenadh Keitprapai, Sumontha Saunphonrat, Farida Jiraphan and Jarunan Phantachat was staged for the first time at the PETA Mekong Laboratory 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
The play talks about the women point of view about their status and their feelings and inspirations from the Lab 2007 theatre, art activities and gender issue.
The story of the play talk about life after the death, three women meet in the cauldron of Hell. They share their life stories and questions why they are there. They ask the God of the Underworld to judge their guilt and decide if they can go to Heaven, not knowing that the God has another plan for them.
This play has been staged 13 times at Bangkok Theatre Festival 2006 and toured to universities in Bangkok and provinces in 2007. And performed in the Mekong Arts and Media Festival 2009 to be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from November 23 to 27, in the Main Performance at Chaktomuk Conference Hall.
The Mekong Arts and Media Festival 2009 is a cultural, art and theatre activities of artists from Mekong region, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, and China. The Mekong Arts and Media Festival 2009 is organized by the Philippine Educational Theater Association’s Mekong Partnership Project, Phare Ponleu Selpak,Save the Children UK, and Center for Community Health Research & Development.

Perform, Story and Direction : Keitprapai, Sumontha Saunphonrat, Farida Jiraphan and Jarunan Phantachat  / and Sarawanee Yodnoon performed in Mekong Media Arts Festival 2009

Venue : Hanoi Vietnam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Bangkok and many provinces




Antigone tells Ismene that Creon has ordered that Eteocles, who died defending the city, is to be buried with full honors, while the body of Polynices, the invader, is left to rot. Furthermore, Creon has declared that anyone attempting to bury Polynices shall be publicly stoned to death. Antigone decides and goes alone to bury her brother.

Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai

Perform : Apisak Sonjod, Teerawat Mulvilai, Farid Jiraphan, Kriengkrai Fookasem, Kavithorn Saensakorn, Wanrop Saengjoy, Sarawanee Yodnoon, Ornanong Thaisriwong, Nophan Boonyai, Varunyoo Intrakumhaeng, Buranij Thinjana, Ingkawat Keitprapai

Venue : Pridi Banomyong Institute 2006


Venus Party

Venus Party : เรื่องของเธอ เรื่องของเขา และเรื่องของเรา

A corroborative works by Crescent Moon Theatre, Wow Company Thailand and B Floor Venus Party is a physical theatre that portray 3 women in 3 situations. Each part reflects how women relate with the different spaces surrounding them; it portrays living, thought, wish and burden of women.

Woman with herself

Is she really known to herself? Is this body ‘real’ for being her? She tries to be a perfect body. This is a satirical moment of beauty, concept and her struggle.

Woman with her colleagues

This is situation of a working woman the work place that draws her to decide to quit herself to be free from discriminant atmosphere.

Woman with her husband

We sit together, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, we love each other but when we start to talk we hate each other. This is an excerpt of husband and wife relationship.

Direction : Sineenadh Keitprapai

Choreograph : Sineenadh Keitprapai and Teerawat Mulvilai

Perform : Sumontha Saunpholrat, Pariya Wongrabieb, Jarunan Phantachat, Thanakorn Tharatham, Teerawat Mulvilai and Sasapin Siriwanit, Bandit Kaewwanna

Venue : Asia Pacific Festival Conference of Women in the Arts 2003 (Philippines), National Theatre Festival 2004 (India), Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Bangkok Theatre Festival 2003 and 2008



Crescent Moon Theatre

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